What is a Tech Monster?

This is a new site that is here to help people get, share, and use technology through the concept of mutual aid.

Technology Monsters was inspired by the discounts Apple is distributing to developers who return their developer transition kits, not every developer returning a transition kit needs those discounts, and they could be distributed to open source developers and families around the world who need discounted hardware to live and work.

Then we thought “why stop there?” all kinds of people have extra hardware or software lying around, or could use help setting up technology especially in the middle of a pandemic.

Here we have categories to post in if you want to help others or get help in Tech Support or if you have hardware to share or need hardware, check out the Hardware Swap, maybe you happen to have returned an M1 developer transition kit recently and want to share a discount code or you need a discount code, that’ll be in Discounts.

Want to help out with the site or have a suggestion? Post in Site Feedback.

Who is behind this site?

Starting off with me, Jack. You may know me from such projects as ioquake3.org or nuclearmonster.com. I hope you’ll join Tech Monsters and post a tech support problem, share some extra hardware you have with someone who could use it, or let someone know about a free piece of open source software they could use.

Thank you to Ryan “icculus” Gordon.

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